Complete switchgear SPARTA

Complete switchgear SPARTA

Main parameters

  • Rated voltage (line voltage), kV 6, 10;

  • Frequency, Hz 50, 60, 50(60) ;

  • Limit voltage, kV 7,2 (for 6kV), 12 (for 10kV) ;

  • Rated current of main circuit, А till 2000;

  • Rated current of the bus bar, А 800, 1250 ;

  • Breaking current of internal switch kА 4, 6,3, 8, 10, 12,5, 16,20, 25, 31,5 ;

  • Short-time thermal current, kА 25, 31,5 ;

  • Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits of AC/DC, V 110, 220 ;

  • Service conditions One-side, two-side maintenance


Complete switchgear cabinet represents hard, assembled metal construction divided by metal or insulating partitions into 4 units: collector bus bar unit, apparatus cabinet, connection unit, relay unit.

Apparatus cabinet (sliding element cabinet) includes the sliding device (vacuum switch) with manual drive or electric driver, on which the high-voltage device is mounted.

Relay unit is meant for low-voltage devices of the cabinet placement (relay protection microprocessor unit, control and warning elements, relay, energy accounting meter) including relay protection circuits.

Collector bus bar unit includes plane conductor lines, lead-in insulators of contact unit, lead-in and dead-end insulators of the bus bars. Upper cover of the unit (which is also the upper cover of the cabinet) has pressure release valves.

Connection unit is meant for input and connection of the power supply cable. Connection unit involves lead-in insulators, current transformer, ground switch, surge protector, lead terminals in the form of buses.

Wide range of variations helps to produce a switchgear of almost any necessary configuration. Moreover, complete switchgear cabinets SPARTA might be used for modernization of current switchgears as a source of extra or replaced disassembled power unit.

As a special case, current switchgears might be supplemented by complete switchgear cabinets for power circuit commutation during soft starter connection of high-voltage motors, Restrictions concerning the usage in this case are: operating voltage and main circuits current of the switchgears.

Special features and advantages of the product:

  • compactness;
  • built-in blocking system is easy, logical and prevents misdoings of the personnel;
  • sturdiness to internal arc up to 31,5 kA, 1 sec;
  • metal case made of galvanizing coat of high quality bears overpressure exploration upon internal arc discharge incurrence;
  • all high-voltage units are located in the cabinet relieve overpressurization through provided valves in case of arc discharge. The direction of arc transmission, which might appear in any unit, minimizes the damage of equipment located in other units of the cabinet.

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