Low-voltage electrical switchboard AURORA

Low-voltage electrical switchboard AURORA

Main parameters

  • Rated operational voltage, V;

  • Rated current of main circuits, А Up to 4000 ;

  • Power frequency 50 Hz ±5% ;

  • Control supply (mentioned at the time of order) ;

  • Alternating 110,230 V, 50 Hz +10% -15%;

  • Permanent 110,220 V +10% -15%


We suggest low-voltage electrical switchboards of following types: Input Distribution Device, Main Distribution Board, Low-voltage switchgear, distribution power cabinet, control cabinet, automatic terminal reserve cabinet, automatic switchboard, distribution points, wide-band transformers, operative current cabinet, ventilation control boards, local distribution board, pump block control cabinet, frequency inverter cabinet, soft starter control cabinet. All these devices have different variations when low-voltage electrical switchboards, frequency inverters, soft staters, typical blocks, equipment, etc. which are set to universal element of construction.

Ranking feature Implementation

Functional area

Leading-in, sectional, sectional- leading-in, outgoing feeder, energy accounting, control, regulating, relay-controlled, protection and indication, etc.

Technique of neutral

With insulated neutral, with solidly-grounded neutral

Technique of bus input

From the left, from the right, from the top

Technique of cable input

From the top, from the bottom

Climatic version and category of placement as per GOST standard 15150-69


Installation method of automatic circuit breaker



The same

Protection level of low-voltage electrical switchboard as per GOST standard 14254-96

Not lower than IP20

Upper working level of surrounding air temperature during operation, 0С

Plus 40

Lower working level of surrounding air temperature during operation, 0С

Minus 5

Upper level of relative air humidity at temperature of plus 25 0С, %



Non-explosive, non-flammable

Percentage of corrosive agents in the environment

Not exceed concentration corresponding with tha atmosphere of II type as per GOST standard 15150-69

Operating regime of low-voltage electrical switchboard


Mean time between failure, hours, minimum


Mean recovery time, hours (doesn’t include time of spare parts delivery)



Embodiment of mechanical structure, its type of assembly might be: hinged, ground type, portable and built-in

Mechanical part

Low-voltage electrical switchboards are made of materials, which can accommodate mechanical loading, electric load and heat load, as well as humidity effect and intrusion of dust, which appear in normal operating conditions.

Corrosion protection of metal cases is provided by application of porcelain enamel to exposed surface; in such case conditions of usage and technical service should be taken into account. The fibers obtain sufficient mechanical strength and are able to sustain a load in normal operating conditions.

The configuration of equipment and stringers of low-voltage electrical switchboard provide easy and safe handling. .

The doors of low-voltage electrical switchboard have a locking arrangement.

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